Participant Comments

“Mary Massery is a “master” at engaging her audience with her wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and humor! Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

S.V. RN-CRRN Burlington, VT

“It is just so powerful, and SIMPLE. I could give you about 25 examples at this point (one week later) of how I utilized the information given at your course. You would think I applied all the things I learned as an exercise physiologist with adults with COPD to kids, but I didn’t. I am so excited to have this information in my brain now.”

H.B. P.T. Cherry Hill, NJ

“Funny, lively, excellent, enthusiastic instructor! To learn from someone like Mary makes me proud to be a PT. We are so lucky to have her knowledge and teaching capabilities for multidisciplined programs. Thank you! You are awesome and inspirational. I’m ready to use this stuff NOW!”

M.S. PT Burlington, VT

“You are the kind of person that makes me proud to be in health care. You are thoughtful and energetic, innovative and restless, and you have a warm heart that leads your path. And, best of all, I had the opportunity to be a real “student”, learning and listening from one who has the gift of teaching.”

W.W. M.D. (Pulmonologist) Wilkes-Barre, PA

“Very vibrant, enthusiastic speaker – boundless energy. I couldn’t help but be excited about the information.”

PT London, ONT Canada

“Speaker is very passionate and knowledgeable in this area: inspirational lecturer.”

RN Albuquerque, NM

“This course was more helpful than expected. Mary gives students power and the feeling that we can change our patients and get more function easily!”

P.B. PT Hot Springs, AR

“Overall presentation is excellent. Very easy to understand, yet requires a lot of thought to put together for clinical work.”

K.G. OT Phoenix, AZ

“Mary got me so pumped up about cardiopulmonary aspects of physical therapy. She had my complete attention during every lecture and lab. Every session went by so quickly. Her clinical examples really hit home and emphasized the importance of all of the techniques / strategies.”

PT Chicago, IL

“Simple, quick, effective strategies. Loved the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle.”

PT London, ONT Canada

“As a new grad (’98), I feel so fortunate to have learned from you so early on in my career. It eliminates a lot of bad habits I could have spent years acquiring. You are gifted with (your delivery) of information and ability to encourage other’s skills.”

T.R. PT Burlington, VT

“Excellent problem solving and strategies to facilitate pulmonary, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal activity and function. The speaker made the subject come alive.”

M.P. PT London, ONT Canada

“Thank you for a simply AWESOME seminar. We are planning a team seminar to share the highlights of what we learned. Already we are looking at our patients more holistically, asking questions related to breathing style, cough productivity, voice production and target muscles needing to be toned and strengthened. So much to learn from each other! You are a master physical therapist and an inspiring presenter. What a joy to experience your presence.”

C.F. S.L.P. Minneapolis, MN

“Mary looked at the body as a functional unit and gave such applicable information for any type of problem. I felt like I can leave this course and apply (the concepts) immediately. Loved her enthusiasm and lighthearted teaching style. Her genuine care and concern and love for patients shows as she is mission driven to get this information to therapists / healthcare providers.”

P.T. Oklahoma City, OK

“Mary, you are an awesome instructor. This comment is from someone who never uses the word awesome. You are obviously an expert with a wealth of information, but also have incredible energy with enthusiasm, fun, wit and humor. It was a great pleasure and worth the 2 hour commute each day.”

S.E. P.T. Boston, MA

“This was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. Mary is great as a presenter. All of it worked together very well. Coming in I wasn’t sure that it would be applicable to my setting, and now I can’t wait for Monday.”

K.T. PT Burlington, VT

“I took your course in Minnesota a few weeks ago and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course! and also wanted you to know how much it has changed my treatment approach – I have had incredible results from my patients the past 3 weeks – you should see all of the mucous we’ve coughed up! seriously – I feel so confident in my skills and in the results my patients are getting! Just wanted to encourage you to keep it up! I loved it!”

S.K. P.T. Atlanta, GA

“This morning on my jog, I tried breathing from my diaphragm and usually I can jog 1/2 mile before I run out of air, no matter how I pace myself. Well this morning, (much to my dogs dismay), I jogged 2 miles w/o stopping and feeling like I should cough up a lung!! I was so stoked!!! So thanks again for a wonderful weekend, it was by far the most fun, memorable seminar I have ever been to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

T.R. Missoula, MT

“The course exceeded my expectations: to infinity and beyond. Thought provoking. Needed our “full team” here to learn team approach to patient care.”

C.K. PT Burlington, VT

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