Course Overview

The MasseryPT LLC physical therapy lab courses are usually 3-days long domestically, and 4-days long internationally.  There are 5 primary courses and Mary Massery also presents lectures as requested at large conferences and specialty forums around the globe.  Her primary courses include:

  1. Mary’s signature course: “Mary Massery’s BREATHING COURSE,” which is focused on exploring the relationship between breathing & postural control.
  2. PLEASE NOTE: for those who have attended the first day of the 3-day BREATHING COURSE, also known as “LINKED: Breathing & Postural Control”, you may now attend the Breathing Course PART-2, which are the two hands-on lab days of the 3-day Breathing Course.
  3. The follow-up course:“Advanced Pulmonary Course.”  The “Breathing” course above is a pre-requisite for attending the “Advanced” course.
  4. Mary’s PNF course: “PNF: Refreshed!  40 Years of Mary Massery Tweaks,´ which focuses on current applications of PNF principles to handling techniques and problem solving.
  5. Mary’s MSK course: “I Survived, Now What?,” which focuses on the musculoskeletal consequences of maturing around a chronic health condition (both pediatric and adult conditions).
  6. Mary’s newest course:  “Braking Bad: eccentric control from talking to walking” was developed jointly by Mary Massery and Nechama Karman and focuses on using voicing to improve eccentric control for activities such as gait, reach, balance.